A special specialist: Giancarlo Russo


We are lucky to have a special guest in Hungary 5th March 2017: Giancarlo Russo from Rome.

A free intellectual with unbelievable knowledge and story in rehabilitation. Here is a small interview for a kind of getting closer to a special specialist who is probably going to be the treasury for anybody’s professional development who visits his seminar in Budapest:

  1. Please tell us a little about what You do as a rehabilitation professional now, and a littlebit about Your backround.

–  This is a good question… When people ask me when did I start my career I always answer that I start it when I was very young and my dad send me to a Sifu (teacher) to learn Martial Arts… I started to train in Chinese Kung Fu in 1982, I was 12, and it was my first Approach to understand the Human body… Being it, at the time, a quite violent style and being me, at the time, a fighter, I get hurted some time and so I met Rehabilitation… Then I started to study Rehabilitation by myself, as Feldenkrais did, and it was very important to me because I learnt on myself something that on the books you don’t find… The University was amazing, finally I became a PT and my first job was in the Vojta Center of Rome where I spend several years working with neurological babies and adults… In the same time I worked in high level rugby and football… Then I met Karel Lewit, my teacher… And my life changed as my mind did… I founded a Teacher, I founded THE teacher… He opened my mind to the functional Approach, to the inter relationship of the different segments in the body and on the reciprocal influences among them… Now, at the age of 47, my Approach is based on what I learned during my life on myself and on my patients, always with the Karel’s guide lines… My Approach is a global Approach, body mind and spirit… I don’t want limits and I don’t give myself limits, every patient is different than the other.. It means that the investigation and Assessment phase is very important and takes a long time to identify the problem, the dysfunction… Then the treatment is consequential and specific for every patient… On the other side, I am a hypnotherapist… And I know two or three things about patient’s mind…

2. You are famous for being a very practical teacher., not a simple theory teller. What can we expect in March?”

I’ll come to share with you my experience, my practical experience… Normally, during my seminar I don’t use any presentations patients are my presentations when examining the kinetic chain… We’ll see in Budapest how the best way to teach is to show “live” what we talk about. 🙂

Welcome in March 🙂



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