Just move! When you can where you can…

       There is much dispute on how and how much an individual should move at his/her workplace. First of all, we go to a workplace to in order to work, not in order to do strength training, that is pretty comprehensible I guess. Yet, as Pavel has put it very simply long ago when I was first certified as a kettlebell instructor, optimal joint mobility and freshness of the body should be mainteined all the time when it is possible. I think instead of Special Workplace Recipes one should only listen to his body’s inner voice: when the back is sore, stretch your spine, when the neck starts to get stiff,move it- if you know how to do it. If you do not know, learn it. When you sit a lot, stand up,walk or do some squats,lift your arms and take deep breaths.Some good movements can refresh your body and brain.  If you need help, ask somebody who can help you make a little series of exercises for daily joint mobility exercises.But please do not overcomplicate.

Our kettlebell instructor collegue, Balasubramanian Ramana in Calcutta is a good example how you can do your joint mobility exercise, have fun and prepare your back for work at the same time!



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